Porto to London – 15th October 2021

We had a few more hours of sight seeing before needing to be at the airport.

First we walked back to the town hall to see it in the daytime. We then walked to the other side of the river, via the high bridge, to get to a cellar where we were having a tour and, of course, some port tasting!

We visited the Caves Calem and we’re given a tour of the cellars where they store the port whilst it matures in large barrels. The barrels are different sizes depending on whether they are for white, ruby or tawny port. The largest vats hold up to 78,000 barrels.

The tour finished with a tasting of three types of port, all served chilled and all very tasty.

We spent the last couple of hours wandering the streets and visiting a couple of other sites including the Torre Dos Clerigos although we didn’t climb the tower. We had a couple of drinks sitting in the sun before returning to the hotel to grab our luggage and take a taxi to the airport.

The flight back was uneventful and we checked in to our hotel at Heathrow (after having to get an expensive taxi from the terminal because the Hoppa service wasn’t working) in time for a drink before bed.

External tiles on the cathedral

Nothing to be said about the drive home but we arrived home having had a great first foreign trip since the start of the pandemic. Looking forward to the next one!


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