Porto – 12th October 2021

Today was a slow relaxing day. After breakfast we walked down to the river and caught the old historic team along the coast at Foz du Duaro.

It was another warm day and once we had arrived we didn’t a couple of hours wandering along the sea front.

The town sits at the mouth of the Duaro and has a long sea front. The town itself seems pretty run down but the views to the ocean we’re a lovely way to while away the hours.

French style colonnade

We stopped halfway along the beach at a bar and spent a few hours just sitting and watching the world go by. We eventually moved along and caught the bus back to the centre.

The bus trip back was a little eventful as the driver managed to clip the back of the bus on an old building next to the roadside.

No one was hurt and we changed buses to get back to the centre. On the way back to the hotel we had a quick drink in a rooftop bar.

After a shower and change we headed out for some food before returning to the hotel. Road trip on Wednesday to the Duaro valley so an early start!


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