Friday 7th February 2020 – London to Malta

We had an early morning flight to Malta and after a short delay due to fog and there threat of French air traffic control strikes, we left Gatwick.

The route was a bit more circuitous than it should have been to avoid the strikes but we arrived on Malta just 15 minutes late.

We had a taxi to the hotel intercontinental, in St Julian’s and checked in at the lounge and had a drink before heading to the room.

View from the room

After a shower to freshen up, we headed out to explore. We walked through the streets of at Julian’s towards the ferry across the harbour to Valetta.


However, the swell in the harbour had caused the ferry to be cancelled and so we took a taxi to the other side, to see the Malta experience, a 45 minute show giving the history of Malta. It was interesting to see how frequently over the years the island had been invaded and just how strategiclly placed it is in the central Mediterranean. It also included a short talk about the history of the hospital, which treated mainly rich men.

By now it was gone 5pm so we had a short walk through Valetta and some of the pedestrianised streets before getting a hair raising taxi back to the hotel.

Having had an early start we decided just to stay in and make use of the hotel facilities so went upstairs to the lounge for canapes and drinks before am early-ish night ready to explore on Saturday.

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